Product Catalog

DuraGo has one of the most accurate and up-to-date brake drum and rotor catalogs in the automotive aftermarket. DuraGo has made a significant investment into an electronic cataloging system and licensed an OEM vehicle database. We employ an in-house professional cataloging staff to support our aftermarket programs. Every DuraGo part number is cataloged with photos detailing the front and rear of the brake drum or rotor to visually ensure the proper application.

To support our new part number development, DuraGo has developed a proprietary part numbering system. This system allows you to increase sales by offering your customers the latest new numbers months before your competition. In addition, by licensing OEM data, we keep our catalog updated and quickly recognize superseded OE numbers, resulting in reduced customer inventory and increased profits.
Our catalogs are updated with the industry electronic catalog leaders (Epicor® and WHI Solutions®) on a regular basis.

Online Cataloging

Trying to find a part for a customer’s VW Beetle? Not sure which brake or drum best fits a Ford F250? DuraGo can help your customers find the right part they’re looking for with DuraGo online cataloging. This comprehensive cataloging system offers accurate and up-to-date product application information that you or customers can access over the internet. You’ll never need to worry about out of date information since the DuraGo part lookup updates weekly.

Product Literature