Electrophoretic Brake Rotors

Premium Electrophoretic Coated Brake Rotors

DuraGo® has engineered a new line of Electrophoretic Coated Brake Rotors that offer dynamic performance with the utmost in corrosion resistance. Our new Premium Brake Rotors have superior esthetics and pricing values that will strike a chord with the professional installer and automotive enthusiast.

  • Electrophoretic Coating Utilizes a form of electroplating to apply a rust resistant coating directly to the rotor resulting in a highly corrosion-resistant finish.
  • In the electrophoretic process an electric current is run through a rotor that is submerged in an electrophoretic coating emulsion. The energized process promotes the coating to adhere like a magnet to both the inside (vane area) and outside of the rotor.
  • Corrosion & chemical (brake cleaner) resistant finish.
  • The Electrophoretic coating provides superior salt spray protection (per ASTM B-117/ISO 9227).

  • Premium Core Technology Allows for tighter tolerances and cleaner castings. With this process, non-machined areas of the rotors are more detailed.
  • Machine Balanced for smooth braking.
  • Multiple Vane configurations for heat dissipation.
  • Non-Directional Swirl Finish promotes brake pad bedding and eliminates the need for machining prior to installation.

Electrophoretic Process

DuraGo Electrophoretic Brake Rotors are thoroughly coated including the inner vanes. Unlike a sprayed on paint, the rotor is fully immersed into a tank and coated by the process of Electrophoretic deposition. During the process, resin particles are suspended within a liquid medium and have a charged placed upon them. Under a charged current, the coating particles migrate to the rotor and are deposited onto all exposed surfaces, resulting in a highly corrosive resistant and durable coating.

After the rotor is coated, it is thoroughly rinsed and baked to harden the coating. Once the coating is cured, all of the braking surfaces are finish machined.

Electrophoretic coated areas of the rotor have the utmost corrosion resistance and superior esthetics. The Electrophoretic coating is bonded to the rotor for increased protection from rust and corrosion.

DuraGo Electrophoretic process deposits onto all exposed surfaces, protecting the rotor both inside and out.

DuraGo Electrophoretic Rotors are 100% mill balanced for optimum braking performance.